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Change and Creativity are key to increasing and maintaining productivity and in order to achieve excellence, we require not only a healthy self-esteem, but an attitude that can adapt to the fast paced reality of successful business in South Africa. In a world where the only constant element is change, we at 1st Solutions have developed programs that will help you and your companies discover and implement the changes that are fundamental to your growth. The success of all projects depends heavily on the personal development of each individual team member. We focus on assisting companies and individuals to discover their goals and their roles in achieving their objectives. With a greater understanding of each other and ourselves it is possible to lead, manage and be a part of a successful team.

Knowing ourselves is the most significant link to understanding the way we think and act. The increasingly large world economy has grown to the point where supply and demand will require that we adopt a frame of mind that is self-assured and one that continually broadens our people and business skills.

All of 1st Solutions' packages and programs are built on the basis that, in all situations and for all required outcomes, people require a good knowledge of themselves and of others. We then facilitate the process of learning and encourage delegates to take responsibility for their careers and personal development. This in turn initiates their ability to bring out the best in others, as well as in their own professional and personal lives.

The daily challenges that we face are unavoidable- but they can only result in victory and development if faced head on, with enthusiasm, and with the progress and attitude needed to change.

At 1st Solutions we aim to create harmony between the corporate image and the personal image of a companies staff. Amongst other corporate image workshops, the Maximum Impact Program enables staff members to learn to see the significance between their own personal image and the impact that they have on the vision, branding and direction of the company. Through researching the company and the appropriate standard its company image and brand perception, we synchronise the company image, staff image and dress code policies of the organisation. We teach value driven principles to enhance the brand image and encourage positive attitudes to change. The resulting impact on company loyalty and pride, and the outward appearance of staff members, then influences the corporate reputation positively.

As an option for CEO’s, Managing Directors, Senior Executives, and those individuals in succession roles who require attention for their personal image, we would recommend one-on-one workshop coaching as part of their perception management. This non-quantifiable HR issue is of the utmost importance as part of any company’s brand strategy.

"Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion; you must set yourself on fire."